A small investment in safety goes a long way.



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Why not a handheld device like this thermometer gun?

  • Optics.  Pointing a "gun" at employees or customers is not comfortable for anyone.

  • Is your business liable if the employee you assign to take temperatures gets sick, or if that employee gets others sick?

  • Is your business liable if you allow employees to self report, or use a device like this on their own and they're not honest with their temperature results?

  • Is your business prepared to be constantly replacing batteries and broken units as they fail because these are designed to be used infrequently?

  • How are you maintaining social distancing with this device?

But if this is what you're looking for.  We can still help, great pricing is available on these.  Contact us for details.





Features & Options

  • 8" IPS full view LCD

  • Record keeping ability

  • Track employee temperatures over time if desired

  • Remote monitoring (optional)

  • Plug & play functionality

  • Facial recognition option

  • Program employees, visitors...etc

  • Will store up to 30,000 identities (optional)

  • Gate/turnstile/entry integration

  • Water & dust resistant construction

  • Silent or audible alerts for over temperature

  • Multiple cabling connections for various IT connections


The optional software gives you the ability to remotely control and monitor all of your devices.  This includes reporting capability, power control, temperature settings, software upgrades and more.


  • Program employee access (i.e. use as a time clock)

  • Block access to individuals based on temperature or even facial recognition

  • View/download reports using facial recognition for sign-in/sign-out times that include time, date, temperature, and identity.


The CDC has published recommendations on screening employees for temperatures.  When combined with other safety methods to stop the spread of COVID-19, you will create a safer work environment.

Click here to read more about CDC recommendations.

Many states and businesses are requiring, or suggesting temperature checks of employees and/or customers should be required.


Click here to read about Governor Whitmer discussing temperature checks for manufacturing employees.


Frontier Airlines has announced they will begin screening passengers for fevers, click here to read about that.

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